Entity Roots

Most companies roll with significant drag.

When principle elements are put in alignment with vision, mission & values – and to speak small business language: when you have your stuff in order – companies behave and perform much better.  To win the battle against reactive management the leadership team must build the groundwork PRO-ACTIVITY requires…

Pro-active management stay ahead of the curve.  Pro-active companies recover faster from special efforts to address trouble status situations.


True Blue Branding is a division of Executive Command Dynamics Inc., – Xcom Inc for short!

Having your ENTITY ROOTS in a condition of CONGRUENCE does a great deal to maintain pro-active capabilities.  This is no small matter!

Liken an organization to a tree: the trunk, branches and leaves may be wonderful, but if the roots are not powerful, the tree can blow over; with no more water and nutrients soon there is only decay and rot.  Service legitimacy is one of the most powerful aspects of a company’s durability.  Sustainable profits are driven by a market that truly believes in what they are receiving.  Now a tree has different parts, roots, trunk, branches – and all of these have Xylem and Phloem running through so the living functions are supported.  Service legitimacy is like this, it needs to run throughout the organization…

The justice a company does to employees who live in internal cultures is another source of great strength.  Again, this commodity flows through the various parts of an organization; so what is ENTITY ROOT CONGRUENCE??

Congruence is like 8 horses pulling a chariot.  There is team cohesion.  There is power in harmony with itself.

Many factors from size to type affect steering dynamics.  Some companies are much easier to run than others.  Regardless of size, type and specific production – all organization have roots.

When the roots get weak, or are too divisive and contrary (non-congruent) the organization is in danger of harm.  So what exactly are the Roots of a Biz Org (business organization)?

The answer to this question is not like anything you have ever heard.

TRUE BLUE is a descriptor often applied to the character of a very trustworthy person.  Why was this coined (originated)?

An event happened, “Out of the blue!” We say when the occurrence was unexpected or particularly free from signs prior to going down.

Blue Sky shows the beauty of depth.  When we take a bit of sky in our hand, even at altitude – on a mountain or in a small open plane, it doesn’t look blue.  Seen in vast quantity the depth accumulates to the blue color.

BRANDING is one of the best words in the English language.  Cowboys rounding up cattle for marks applied by hot iron is the origin of the current intellectual property meaning.  The standard use of the word branding, as you know, involves differentiating company identity, services, marketing…

TRUE BLUE BRANDING your organization’s ENTITY ROOTS for the benefits of CONGRUENCE, is related but significantly different.  Please pardon the build-up, it is clear once the light bulb goes on, but rather difficult to explain from the outset…

ENTITY ROOTS: (Definition is copyright protected by Executive Command Dynamics Inc. 2015)

The power anchors of an organization built and systematized though words, marks, graphics & documents that enable the choreography of performance.

Have a nice day!