Vision Power

Vision power is drastically affected by the level of congruence in the entity roots.

Organizational visions are entirely dependent upon communication.

Mission Statements, Strategic Plans, Logos, Command Charts, Founding Documents (Articles of Incorporation), Standard Operating Procedure, Employee Handbooks, Safety (EHS) Manuals ::: These are all entity root elements… The Titles of Products and Service Offerings, The Names of Buildings and Location Installations, Website Development, Design Strategies, Personnel Development Plans…

There can be a lot of roots to bring into congruence (make all the horses pull the same way in harmony).

Larger companies steer funny.

They don’t steer like a chariot and they don’t steer like a bus.  They don’t steer like an airplane or a ship.  Visionary Steering of organizations is entirely dependent upon your ENTITY ROOT CONFIGURATIONS.  There just isn’t a way to choreograph performance without the vision having significantly congruent power anchors.