Operating Qualities

For many of us, it is actually not too lonely at the top.

There is much joy in striving to do the right thing.  There is much to learn and new discoveries sweeten the daily grind.  God reigns supreme and all is well.

In reviewing operational statuses from the top, vistas can vary widely.  Some companies have good sense about what they are doing and others have a couple clues and not much clarity…

And then there are these pesky phases.  Just when it seems a good rhythm has been struck, odd bumps offset the synergy.  Powerful stability requires much congruence in the ENTITY ROOTS.  True Blue BRANDING applied to straighten outdated, irrelevant and down-right cross-threaded root elements sharpens steering traction and allows strategies to hold.

Operating Qualities are closely monitored in successful organizations.  Choreographing performance is part sport and part science.  It is a lot of fun for the winners; and quite painful for these who lack diligence.